JT Group



From its origins in Jersey in 1888, JT is an innovative global telecommunications firm, employing more than 600 people in 7 global locations, and powering close to 10 million SIMS worldwide.

Our clear purpose is to connect our customers to their sustainable future. To do that, we form long-standing partnerships with leading communications businesses to deliver the products and services expected from a full-service, world-class communications provider.

For example, our Internet of Things business provides cellular connectivity and remote management of devices worldwide, as well as fraud protection and bulk messaging services.

Owned by the people of Jersey, JT has completed a socially inclusive project to install a full-fibre broadband network in Jersey, making the island the first jurisdiction in the world to have 100% full-fibre connectivity to all premises, with the third fastest broadband speeds in the world. From January 2020, JT’s minimum guaranteed broadband speeds doubled from 250 Mbit/s to 500 Mbit/s with plans to increase this to 1 Gbit/s.

Our customers also enjoy an award-winning 4G mobile network, with 5G trials currently underway.

Website: www.jtglobal.com or www.gigabitjersey.com