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Faroese Telecom

Faroese Telecom

Faroese Telecom is the incumbent operator on the Faroe Islands and provides products and services within mobile, broadband, fixed line, subsea cables, and TV. The market share ranges form 70-80%, depending on the business area.

In addition to traditional telco products and services, the main consideration for Faroese Telecom is to be a driving force in the Faroese movement and growth. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 this was demonstrated by building 4G and 4,5G technology covering the whole country. In 2019 Faroese Telecom had first-call on 5G in the Faroe Islands. And next step is building and securing 5G, giving the Faroe Islands access the newest generation of mobile net technology. At the same time a FTH (Fiber To Home) project is being rolled out aiming to secure giga speed to every household in the Faroe Islands within the next five years.

The subsidiary Shefa owns and operates two international subsea connections firstly providing broadband services to the Faroe Islands. Furthermore, these connections provide high-speed broadband to Shetland, Orkney as well as oil rigs west of Shetland and in the North Sea. I 2019 Faroese Telecom extended the communication services to the oil industry by providing mobile LTE connection to oil platforms.

Website: www.ft.fo