About Us

What is the Teleforum?

The Forum for Telecom Operators of Small States, known as the ‘Teleforum’ was established through a meeting held in London in September 2000. It was set up for participants to share experiences, address issues faced by small operators, undertake group initiatives and lobby for common interests.

The Teleforum encourages initiatives such as knowledge sharing, consultations, training, pooling of resources, and discussions on the legal, regulatory, technical and commercial environment of the telecommunications industry in small states. Discussions and workshops are held at conferences held at least once a year where members and major players in the industry engage, share experiences and identify solutions.

Founding Teleforum Members

Founding Teleforum members. London, September 2000.

A note from the Chairman

Teleforum is a unique forum, and whenever we meet to discuss common interests and share experiences, I’m always struck by the incredible range of expertise each of us brings to this special assembly.

As individual, successful Telecoms operators we have powerful voices, however when combined through the Teleforum, we have the opportunity to be a meaningful force we can use to resolve and address some of the pressing issues facing not just our respective jurisdictions, but our industry as a whole.

Though we may not have the scale, resources and at times the might of some larger telecoms companies – that is also our advantage, as we have the ability to be dynamic and innovative, ready to drive change, and our industry forward.

Many Teleforum members have already made significant contributions to the world of telecoms. We are among the leaders in testing and introducing 5G, branching out into cutting-edge products and technology. Teleforum members are achieving some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world, delivering significant economic and social benefits to their local communities and in many cases leading the way for Smart city development and IoT deployments.

For me that’s the opportunity Teleforum brings and why I’ve always been such an active participant. Amongst us we can place ourselves alongside much larger global operators, pooling resources and exchanging invaluable learnings that make our activities so much more sustainable.

In my term as Chairman, I will ensure that our voice remains strong, maintaining our reputation for being bold and thinking differently. But it does not stop there. We will continue in our commitment to reduce costs and build platforms that we can share, helping our members to grow, and providing our customers with world-class services and products.


Graeme Millar
CEO, JT Group
Jersey, Channel Islands